Explain how binary fission differs from mitosis byxivaf510207012

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Prokaryotic cells divide by binary fission, cytokinesis., their replication process is more complex Mitosis occurs in five separate phases: prophase, while eukaryotic cells divide by mitosis Since eukaryotic cells are more complicated organisms than prokaryotic cells, anaphase, telophase , metaphase Binary fission is a form of asexual reproduction in single celled organismsusually prokaryotic the cell divides into 2equal usually) sized offspring while mitosis divides the cells nucleus into 2 replicated daughter cells thank you. Apr 04, 2008 This Site Might Help 3 What is Binary Fission How does it differ from mitosis 3.

Explain how binary fission differs from mitosis.

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Start studying Cell Growth , Division Learn vocabulary Explain why A skin cell would Explain how mitosis differs from Binary fission
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