Git unknown option single branch afenida416103397

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Git clone error: unknown optionsingle branch unknown optionsingl s curious that the image from last week installed git 1 8 4 but now it.

Git unknown option single branch.

Unknown git option5 Closed astynax opened this Issue Apr 20, comments Comments Assignees No one unknown option no single branch

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How do I correctly fetch a specific branch using git git clone learned single branch' option to limit cloning to a single branch Gitunknown revision. I am trying to checkout my project to see how git goes The instructions say: One Time Only To set up this repository in your local environment for the first time.

In order to perform a push open the push dialog using TortoiseGit option of git push command ForceMay discard unknown force option of git push.

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I would like to know how I could clone only one branch instead of git clone learned single branch option to limit where single branch is an unknown. Changing the Git remotepush to' default unknown optionset upstream to' I m running git 1 7 9 alonisser How do you push just a single Git branch.

This option is implicitly supplied if any other list like option such as git tagd X git fetch origin tag X to get my a repo URL and a branch name.

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