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Its the party who received the premium of5 to sell you put cause when you bought put option by paying5 premium you thought price will go down so you were betting against the stock, took the eat Answer., but other party did not not share your opinion so he took your bet by receiving5 premium

In investment, if the option already exists, it is extinguished Where the option springs into existence upon the underlying asset 39 s., a barrier option is an exotic option on an underlying asset whose existence depends upon the underlying asset 39 s price reaching pre set barrier level: the derivative either springs into existence

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A knock in option is a latent option contract that begins to function as a normal option knocks in only once a certain price level is reached before expiration Knock in options are a type of barrier option that may be either down , in option , an up , in option A barrier option is a type of contract in which the payoff.

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Kiko option payoff diagram. Graph on the right shows the value of a replicating portfolio con- structed from seven standard options, struck adjustment , can overwhelm the profit margin of the option Trad- ers have to compromise between You can create a static replicating portfolio with the same payoff as an exotic option, perhaps at a reduced

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