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Definition of weigh transitive verb 1 to ascertain the heaviness of by , as if by a balance 2a outweighb counterbalancec to make heavy weightoften used with down 3 to consider carefully especially by balancing opposing factors , aspects in order to reach a choice , conclusion evaluate weighing her options.

Weigh them, , to each pound of apples allow a pound of loaf sugar Then weigh three quarters of a., allow to each pound of oranges a pound of loaf sugar Weigh them,

Sep 06, 2010 What does the phraseweigh your options' mean ChaCha Answer: Weighing your options means to consider the pros , cons of all your.

Weigh the options meaning. English meaning ofweigh your options v think about a choice, consider which outcome is better

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To weigh or otherwise evaluate something: We weighed out the hamburger and found we needed another pound I wasn t sure that they gave us the correct amount, so I. Criteria for Evaluating Weight Management Programs Criteria for Evaluating Weight Loading stats for Weighing the Options: Criteria for Evaluating Weight.

weighs; weighed; weighing Learner s definition of WEIGH 1 a+ object] to find how heavysomeone or something) is to measure the weight ofsomeone or something) She weighs herself every morning. think carefully about one s possibilities or choices Example Sentences: A: Which University are you going to go to B: I m not sure I have to weigh.

weighing his options unknown When a guy or girl looks at the two2) people they want to go out with, and chooses between the two by figuring out each persons pluses and.

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weigh 1wā) v weighed, weigh ing, weighs v tr 1 a To determine the weight of, as with a scale: weighed the tomatoes before buying them b To measure or apportiona certain quantity) by weight Often used with out: weighed out a pound of cheese.

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