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The Egyptian Trade Union FederationETUF) is a trade union based in Cairo, Egypt The ETUF was founded in 1957 as a state controlled union Until 2011 all unions other than the ETUF were banned.

Egyptian trade union federation etuf.

After Egypt recently declared independent trade unions invalid, many groups said they will fight the decision on the grounds that it violates the constitution.
While government ministries in Egypt have historically refused to recognize any unions other than those affiliated with the state controlled Egyptian Trade Union FederationETUF after the revolution of 2011, there were signs that the situation for independent trade unions in Egypt would change

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Whatever happened to Egypt s independent unions of the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade state controlled Egyptian Trade Union Federation.

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This is a list of federations of trade unions Egyptian Trade Union FederationETUF) Egyptian Democratic Labour Congress EDLC) Federation of Egyptian Trade.

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